NAIT Alumni: From Dental Tech To Dog Walker

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Arts & Life

Many people grow up imagining a life surrounded by fluffy dogs. Stephanie Law does not have to imagine that. Along with her wife Nikki, she co-owns the company Dog Jogs, where they take people’s pets for walks and gives owners the peace of mind that their furry four-legged friends will be well cared for. 

Dog Jogs has approximately 250 clients in their database so far.

Law spent her time at NAIT in the Dental Technology program but took a detour into the land of dogs purely by accident.

“It was kind of meant to be a side hustle. We never really envisioned it to be my full-time position, but it’s definitely evolved to be a part of our lives just because it was inspired by our own dog, and then we figured we’d offer it to people who are in the same position as us. Apparently, the need was larger than we thought,” said Law.

The business offers different dog amenities depending on the specific needs the client has for their little pup. 

“Our potty breaks start at [$26] for 30 minutes. We do offer 60 minute walks which start at $38 an hour, and then we have dog jogs where we literally run client’s dogs for $45 an hour. Then [we have] our pet sitting and pet boarding [which we charge] $55 an hour per over-night service,” said Law.

Being a small business that’s grown to be a lifesaver for many dog owners, they’ve now taken on hundreds of services each month.

“We have just over 500 services a month right now, so it is kind of crazy,” said Law.

Depending on the owners’ specific need for their dog, it can alter the type of service Law and her crew provide. 

“For the potty breaks and the dog walks more so we can kind of customize the services for the client, so if they have puppies we can just let them out in the backyard for a bathroom break or feed them lunch, that kind of stuff,” said Law.

“But for a dog walk, usually that is only a 60-minute walk, and then for the jog, we literally do take them out and run them, at their pace, for the 60 minutes.”

With lots of staff, Law reassures that all of the dog’s jogging buddies take turns running to make sure each dog can go for their full 60-minutes and ensure that her employees are not overworked. Although, they still get some good mileage every day.

“They would usually average anywhere from probably 10 to just over 20 kilometres,” said Law.

Dog Jogs is active on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and their website

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