My NAIT Bucket List

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Arts & Life

I started at NAIT the year before the pandemic and never really saw the potential to get involved on campus, whether that was attending events or volunteering. I thought post-secondary was strictly to focus on your academics, and once the pandemic hit, my motivation for any involvement took a huge dive. I wasn’t excited about school anymore, my academics took a hit negatively, and the thought of involvement on campus was non-existent. Flash forward to entering my third year, where I realized I was coasting through school with my head down, missing out on the potential to create amazing memories and meet new people. So I came up with a NAIT bucket list–a list of things that I believe can help a student gain the most memorable experiences during their time at NAIT:

Graphic of a bucket list about nait things to do on campus

Before you know it you’ll be walking across that stage to grab your paper, and you may realize you have missed out on the opportunity to create valuable memories. Progressing through this bucket list has helped me grow as a person, improve my academics and expand my network. I’ve made lifelong friends by attending events and volunteering, succeeded in my academics by setting specific goals and taken many pictures that I can look back on for the rest of my life. This bucket list helped pull me out of a mental health slump post-pandemic and boosted my motivation to make the most out of my NAIT experience. Whether it’s checking out The Nest, or starting a new club on campus, I hope something from this list inspires you to create your own bucket list and make your experience that much more memorable. 

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