My eyelashes aren’t frosted over, so it’s officially patio season in Edmonton

by | May 3, 2022 | Arts & Life

By Alleah Boisvert

Edmontonians are notorious for enjoying patios even in the dead of winter, but the anticipation for summer patio season in this city is palpable as the snow starts to melt. As soon as the temperature spikes above 10 degrees, everyone rushes to the patios to drink some ice-cold beers and soak in the sunshine.Here’s a list of a few of the city’s many great patios to check out over the next few warmer months.

The patio at Arcadia Brewing in Manchester Square. Photo from Instagram @arcadiabrewingco

Arcadia Brewing Co. (10712 120 St NW)

Arcadia is right by a dog park, so there are always plenty of cute pups to see on their patio. But, if that’s not enticing enough, Manchester Square’s European-style structure lights up at night and looks gorgeous as the sun sets. It’s ultra-Instagrammable, but there’s more to this brewery than just looks; Arcadia exudes Edmonton kindness by supporting organizations like Boyle Street Community Services and being an ambassador for harm reduction. 

Baijiu (10359  104 St NW)

Baijiu’s patio is the ultimate chic date night spot. It’s heated for when it gets cold, and for folks who want to enjoy the aesthetic nightlife of downtown, Baijiu is located across the street from Edmonton’s Neon Sign Museum. Although the cocktail bar vibes make Baijiu seem upscale, on Tuesdays, they have $3 PBR pints on special – very student-friendly.

Hudsons Whyte Ave (10307 82 Ave NW)

Hudsons is a tried-and-true Whyte Ave summer patio gem. They have great daily specials, lots of beers on tap (including a yummy Strawberry Fields summer feature lager), and the people-watching won’t be better anywhere else. Hudsons also has TVs on their patio, making it perfect for the NHL playoff season. Just don’t go in there wearing a Flames jersey during an Oilers game.

Odd Company (12021 102 Ave #105)

According to the @yego.death Instagram account, it’s in everyone’s best interest to manifest a spot on this cozy wood-structured patio; it’s probably one of the most popular in Edmonton. Located right by Paul Kane Park, Odd Company is a close walk to the overlooking river valley in the Oliver neighbourhood. The streets are lined with draping elm trees, and the string lights make it look extra pretty after dark as you sip one of their unique brews. For the sour-lovers out there, Odd Company is the spot to visit.  

The Wooftop Patio at Black Dog on Whyte. Photo from Instagram @blackdogonwhyte

Polar Park Brewing Co. (10416 80 Ave NW)

For some reason, the atmosphere on Polar Park’s patio just hits different. Maybe it’s the altitude, or maybe it’s all the tasty beers they brew in house, but either way, their patio rocks. Since they host lots of local shows, Polar Park is a ton of fun for folks who are seeing a local band and need to step out onto the patio for a breath of fresh summer air.

Sugarbowl (10922 88 Ave NW)

Sugarbowl is a cozy spot located right by the iconic Garneau Cinema, but this spot is iconic all on its own. Not only do they have great beers on tap and amazing food, but their cinnamon buns are a household name. Sugarbowl is open as early as 9 a.m., which makes it ideal for day-drinking (or pre-drinking before hitting the late-night Whyte Ave bars). After hanging out in Kinsmen Park below, make the trek up the stairs and sip on well-deserved beer to make a perfect summer day in the city.

The Black Dog (10425 82 Ave)

Woof top patio. Enough said.

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