Music trends in 2015

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Whether you happen to be a hater or a lover of the changing trends in our music – it doesn’t matter, because they won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. What is a trend? The word “trend” is defined as a “general course” or “veering in a new direction.” Trends are the stuff popping up in whatever is popular in our society.

Trends typically tend to change each year but are now beginning to change faster. One new genre of music might take off more than another. This is likely due to the genre being intertwined with two or more others.

Predictions I heard by various EDM artists in 2013 stated that corporations would start incorporating EDM into their promotional and marketing strategies. These producers predicted there would be greater focus on future brand partnership, including pairing with electronic dance music parties and events. Other artists were saying that Dubstep producer Skrillex would bring back that genre and it would flourish within the next two years … ultimately becoming the next new trend again. Some of the trend predictions came true, while others were not quite as accurate. For example, this past Saturday, Red Bull’s Crashed Ice took advantage of dance music while hiring a DJ to perform at their live event.

Nearly three months into our new year, we have begun to get a feel for some of the new trends in the electronic music scene, and many have even started capitalizing on them … The underground artists over the past three years that only a few people knew about are some of the people who are up and comers in 2015. The producers, who are at the forefront of the EDM scene and who want to stay there, are always going to be more and more diverse with their live DJ sets.

When you are out at the club next time, listen to what songs are being played in that bar or nightclub. In any DJs set, you may notice a song titled “Higher State of Dada” by Dadalife as an example of how a throwback ’90s dance tune can be refreshed and remixed to meet current dance music standards. Songs like this track make us all remember how many great timeless songs we have really got out there. The female electronic duo, NERVO, are currently working on a remix of “The Drill.” Imagine how much a challenge this will be for them, because if you listen to the original you’ll think that the original was so amazing alone, how can it be made any better?

It is exciting remixes like these that give me so much passion for dance music and its evolution. Hearing about a new remix being made of some popular older music makes me begin to anticipate how the song is going to go through a rebirth and come back again, balanced by many newer and modern formats. Both songs can hopefully be heard by you, too, as well as many more songs of course, all of which will be brought to your ears by your DJ sets in 2015. The thing that interests me most about 2015 is how DJs are always finding more interesting ways to perform electronic music. The DJs are now going beyond just the DJ decks. Whether that’s through the use of one or multiple midi-controllers or using live instruments or live vocals, the popularity of being more creative drives me as a DJ in 2015.

Brett Bohl

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