Mom Finds Balance With The Balanced Life

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Arts & Life

After graduating with a personal trainer diploma in 2012, Sarah Curbelo started her own natural body care line, The Balanced Life, in 2014. As a busy mom, Curbelo wanted to learn about the body systems and how natural products can benefit us all.

How did you decide you wanted to start a business?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and it has always been an interest of mine. My dad was an entrepreneur, my mom was a nurse and so I’ve always been interested in both health and business.

I saw the personal trainer option as a way to do both. And when I was going to NAIT, I had little kids like, I had babies. And so, my idea was to use my personal trainer diploma as a way to work from home and have my own business going on.

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How do you feel NAIT impacted your life?

What I loved about NAIT and its program was that it was accessible to somebody like me. I was a young mom with little kids and NAIT provided me the opportunity to do post secondary at a speed and at a time that was best for me. NAIT was accessible, that was basically why I decided to go with that program and so I am very grateful for that accessibility.

What are some challenges you face while running your own business?

Being an entrepreneur and doing everything yourself there’s one challenge after another. honestly it’s really how much are you willing to fight through each challenge? Do you have the strength to keep going?

There were so many times where I wanted to quit. But when you come up with a challenge, like for example, I had never done any kind of accounting before. Well I’m going to run my own business, so I kind of taught myself how to do that. It’s really your mental state.

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