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There may be a prominent metal music scene in Edmonton, with lots of different bands to check out but there is one you should definitely make a note of – Tales of the Tomb.

They are described as psychological horror/death/murder metal. “We are considered to be a pretty extreme form of music,” said guitarist, vocalist, and co-founder Corey Skerlak. “The band originally decided to write about some of the most extreme topics like serial killers, conspiracy theories from government to musical, aliens, etc.” The band’s bass player, Bryn Herbert, then opened the band up to writing about horror movies, such as the Japanese film Mermaid in a Manhole. Tales of the Tomb is influenced by bands such as Macabre, Dying Fetus and Hypocrisy, just to name a few.

The band consists of five guys, each bringing their own different style to the table and creating a unique sound. The band was started by guitarist/vocalist Skerlak and vocalist Connor Adams. After deciding they actually wanted to get a band together, they recruited bassist/vocalist Herbert, guitarist Tres Thomas and drummer John Thomson to complete the group. Skerlak said that the band hopes that the release of their EP will really put them “on the map in the industry.”

Tales of the Tomb is working on scheduling a tour around Alberta that will follow the EP release. The new EP from Tales of the Tomb is to be released very soon and will be available for download. Until then, you can check them out on Reverbnation or Bandcamp. Tales of the Tomb can also be found on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter. Tales of the Tomb recently played at The Starlite Room, opening up for the final show of another local act, Villainizer. More upcoming shows will be posted on their Facebook page in the near future.

Katie White

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