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– Emma Morrison

Casual sex has been a very taboo concept in our Western society. But in current times, casual sex and friends with benefits are becoming more of the norm. However, casual sex can have a huge effect on your mental and physical health!

Casual sex can have both positive and negative effects on you and your mental health. It’s believed that if you view casual sex as negative thing you shouldn’t do it. But, if you view it as a positive, it can help you relieve stress.

Casual sex helps us make connections and relieve stress. But oxytocin, a hormone that helps us make connections with others is released when we have sex. When oxytocin is released it helps reduce stress and anxiety. People who have casual sex also feel more free than those who don’t. With casual sex, there is no feeling of commitment. This helps again with alleviating stress because you don’t have to worry about committing to someone.

However with every positive side there is always a negative one. The way you view sex can ultimately determine if casual sex is right for you. Associating sex with negative emotions, creates a sense of anxiety and depression. This is because instead of releasing oxytocin, the happy hormone, we release a hormone associated with stress, cortisol.

Negative associations or thoughts about sex can also affect your performance in bed. Depression and anxiety can make it hard to fully enjoy sex. Mental illness can also affect arousal or relaxation during sexual encounters.

Casual sex is highly beneficial for your physical health. When you are having sex your body is working hard to keep up with you. You use most of your muscles in your body and that helps with exercise. While working your muscle, your heart and lungs work hard to pump oxygen and blood to your limbs. Studies have shown that sex can help improve your cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Having multiple sex partners can also increase your risk of catching an STI. Always practise safe sex to help reduce the amount of stress involved. Go for regular checkups and tests in order to help maintain a health and happy sex life.

It is important to practise safe, consensual sex! When going out with your friends always remember if you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t have to. Having fun and stress free sex can be better for you and the person you’re with.

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