Love Drunk Folk Punks

by | Nov 23, 2019 | Arts & Life

By Orrin Farries

Love and music are commonalities to life that are on a level of spiritual necessity. When Mickey Green and Brandon Kaiser first met in 2016, these commonalities came to blossom, and the soundwaves and heartbeats have been pulsing ever since.

Mickey Green (vocalist and lyricist), moved to Fort Saskatchewan from Calgary, where she met her right-hand man and jack-of-all-trades Brandon Kaiser (guitarist and keyboardist) in high school. They began playing café shows, rocking a punky sound on the backbone of Kaiser’s acoustic looping talents and Green’s honeyed silver voice. The music meets the lyrics with profound intimacy.

Their relationship is strengthened by the time they spend together in melody.

“We don’t miss out on couple time, because our couple time is making music,” said Green. Kaiser echoed that sentiment.

“Mickey and I have already spent so much time together, [music] still feels like a thing of solidarity for us, and we don’t have to work around other people’s schedules,” said Kaiser.

Their dynamic makes for intimate performances, with Mickey delivering sweet lines of melancholic justice, while Kaiser ebbs and flows with loops and layers of rhythm.

Frontwoman Mickey Green attests that her musical character comes from her proclivity for story-telling.

“I am drawn to telling stories in a lyrical way to get people together,” said Green.

“When I first started getting feedback from people connecting my lyrics to their life experiences, talking about things we all go through but maybe don’t talk about, that’s what keeps me energized.”

On the other side of the band, guitarist Brandon Kaiser keeps the same energy through an unfailing fascination with music. Regularly practicing for three hours or more a day, he still looks at his guitar with childlike wonder, a smile ear-to-ear whenever he gets to indulge in the music.

“There’s something to be said about going on stage, performing, and then getting that pure satisfaction coming off stage. When I play guitar, time stands still, and that’s what makes me come back to it every single time,” said Kaiser.

Their sound has evolved greatly since their days playing cafés around Edmonton which is evident by their most recent single ‘I Think He Wants Her in a White Dress’ available on Spotify and Apple Music.

The music still holds the acoustic roots that came to define Mickey Green, but has added layers of production that give it an alternative synth pop wave.

“When we first started playing it was mostly acoustic covers and café shows, people really liked that, but as we gigged more, we wanted to explore what else we could do,” said Green.

With two hearts that beat in unison, the evolving musical exploration by Mickey Green is one you will not want to miss. You can catch the good love energy of Mickey Green Jan. 4 at the Station on Jasper.

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