Love comes to Gotham City

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Batman is getting married. Most of the time, Batman isn’t one for relationships. In fact, there have really been only two major love interests for him in the comics. Talia Al Ghul, daughter of the assassin Ra and the vigilante and thief, Catwoman. Despite Batman having a son, Damian Wayne, with Talia, Catwoman has been the character that has shared more love stories with him. This became the trend in 2017.

Tom King is the current writer for the Batman comics. He wanted to be known for more then just average Batman stories. He wanted to do something that would be a major change, so he made Batman do something he has never done in the 77 years he has been around. In Batman Rebirth issue #25, Bruce Wayne proposes to Catwoman.

Batman has been seeing Catwoman a lot more recently at night. She tends to follow him around on his patrol around Gotham City. Batman doesn’t seem to mind. He even states that he enjoys the company. She flirts, he cracks a smile, every night. This team-up story eventually turns romantic. From slight touches, to a kiss under the moonlight and sex on a rooftop. The “Bat Cat” romance has returned.

Ditching their night time aliases, Bruce Wayne began to tell the Selina Kyle more of his secrets. He felt a deeper connection to her then ever before. They stood on a rooftop close to midnight,talking about the lives they live and if they could ever be more normal. This was when Batman took off his cowl and took out a ring. “Marry me,”says, getting onto one knee. Catwoman ended up saying yes with tears in her eyes.

This means that Batman, character so dark and brooding is finally doing something that might just cheer him up a bit. The wedding issue is set to happen by the end of the year with hopefully Clark Kent being best man. Batman comics started in 1939, and this July the dark, brooding, sometimes campy vigilante is getting married.
Love is finally in Gotham City’s air.

– Hunter Murray

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