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By: Emma Morrison
Photo Courtesy: Edmonton Twitch

Streaming has become a huge phenomenon. The twitch community is one of positivity and love for one another. Supporting each other by hosting, donating, raiding, or even just simply commenting can really go along way.

Just like every online content creating service or community each has its own smaller communities within it.Since 2016 over 2.1 million unique broadcasters have joined the Twitch community with loyal followers and subscribers. Edmonton has a small but flourishing Twitch community, and each twitch streamer here is so much different in the games they play and the way they create their content.

But along with communities, you will always have your veterans and rookies when it comes to streaming, with veterans looking out and teaching rookie streamers how to grow and become an established partner or affiliate.

Once you become a partner or an affiliate, you are able to earn money through donations and even have your own unique emoticons that enhance your stream for followers. However, if you ask most streamers why they do it, you’ll find that it’s not for the money. They stream because they have a passion for video games, music, cosplay, and making things. Streamers are well known for sharing their passions and positivity which helps create a safe and flourishing atmosphere for content creators.

Our creators and community in Edmonton is small, but it’s very colorful and creative. It’s steadily growing every day and to help to grow and become stronger Edmonton Twitch holds events and meetups so Edmonton streamers can meet and support one another.

On Thursday, March 28 at 6 p.m., Edmonton Twitch will be hosting a meetup for new and old streamers to connect with one another. The event is being held at The ThriftShop. The event is to help create awareness about Edmonton’s Twitch community.

But, don’t worry if you don’t stream. It’s a gathering for people who are passionate about gaming that want to create a positive community and a safe space. So if you don’t enjoy streaming, you can still go and enjoy the festivities. If you are looking to start streaming, this a good way to get the advice you need to get started.

This a positive community that is flourishing and growing every day, and what better way to help come to together and share something you are passionate about whether it be videos games, music or pretty much anything else.

You can follow Edmonton Twitch on Instagram or Twitter @edmontontwitch for more information about upcoming events and meetups.

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