Local Soundwave: Grunge, Grime & Rhyme

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Arts & Life

By David Madawo

Hailing from the small town of Edison, Alberta, YUNG HOSS KOTU is breaking into the rap industry and is ready to make waves.

KOTU began writing at the age of 13 and hasn’t stopped since. KOTU says a big aim for him is to make music with a different sound than other colleagues of his in the industry. With the help of his chief engineer Christian Art of NBF Studios, KOTU strays away from the traditional song structure of rap music today, opting to be more spontaneous and use a mix of grunge and grime towards his music.

“I like giving people what they do not know they need. I don’t wanna be compared to other rappers,” KOTU said.

His solitary individual and raw energy comes from the rap artists he looks up to, such as Big L, Jay Z, Xxxtentacion and Lil uzi vert, who all project this type of energy. KOTU brings a different wave to Edmonton rap, a wave that proves we as a city are evolving with our artists and our tastes and we want to break barriers across the board.

“I got tired of vibing low-fi beats, something like Dave Santan (featured in Netflix’s Top Boy). When you hear his beats, they just slap!” said KOTU.

If you would like a taste of KOTU, check out “Playboi Buni” and “SAY SO”, which are currently on Spotify. With a hostile, grunge, trappy, grimey sound, YUNG HOSS KOTU is an artist you have to dive into. Expect a new track, “Persian Bitches”, with Moses The Prophet dropping soon.

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