Local Edmonton band, SHAG, releases new music

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Arts & Life

YEG rock band, SHAG released their newest single “lying through your teeth doesn’t count as flossing,” last Friday, August 20th. 

Since 2015, singer + rhythm guitar player Zack Kelly, lead guitar player Jess Robinson, drummer Trevor Gauthier, and bass player + “band dad” Travis Piecharka have been playing the Edmonton music scene as SHAG. 

The band is known for their raw and straightforward songs about everyday life and the new single is no different.

“I think everyone has known that one person who’s just gotten way too drunk at a party and locked themselves in a bathroom and puked on themselves, just made an absolute mess of themselves. It’s kind of a general story about someone like that, but no one in particular,” said Kelly. 

“We don’t often put a lot of effort into the meaning behind our lyrics. It’s mostly more about it sounding cool or it being fun to say and hitting the right syllables at the right time. Start with the vowels and [make noises] and whatever stream of conscious words come out of that, that’s what the lyrics end up being.”

SHAG is no stranger to the studio, having multiple albums in their discography. Though they say this single is the first of many to be released. 

The new single was recorded at Royal Studio in North Edmonton, where the previous albums have been done. However, the rest of the upcoming EP was recorded at a studio just outside Red Deer.

“We got into a program with Hurry Hard Records in Benalto. They were having this residency program where we got to be in the studio for a whole week. So we went there and recorded all the tracks for the upcoming EP, but it’s getting mixed and mastered at Royal Studio,” said Piecharka.

While there is no official release date yet for the upcoming EP, the lengthy song title is said to be a recurring theme. In the meantime, the band has been starting to play live music again with a show confirmed for the end of October at Polar Park Brewery in Edmonton.

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