Local deli over three decades old and thriving

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Arts & Life

A local Deli has a lot of history in this city, along with great products and sandwiches.

The Delton Sausage House has been a part of the city for a long time.

“This august will be 34 years,” said Brian Height, the owner of the deli.

Before Height owned the business, it was passed around quite a lot.

“I was a Sobeys manager for 25 years in the meat department but that’s when Safeway bought all the stores out, so they closed our store down and gave us a severance pay,” Height said.

Seven years ago, at Christmas time, a friend asked him for help at the Sausage house.

“I came, and I never left. And I said fuck iIt! I’m gonna buy the whole thing, and I did. To be honest with you, [it’s the] best thing I ever did with my life. I mean we have highs, and we have lows but that’s business, right,” Height said.

They focus on polish products, but also sell a wide variety of products from black forest ham and salami to polish spices and sweets. They also have traditional handmade perogies.

Customers can pick up something for themselves along with something for their family pet because they offer pork and beef smoked dog treats.

Not only is Height and his staff working and doing their best, but he also has family helping as well.

“All the canned jams and the jellies and the carrots and the beets and horseradish and stuff like that, my momma makes all that for me. She’s 82 and she makes the pickled eggs, pickled sausage, all that for me,” said Height.

A big draw is their $5.25 deli sandwich and pop combo. The day of this interview the deli sold 18 combos.
“Lots of the customers asked about sandwiches. The customer gave the idea and very quickly we did this idea,” said Anna Staszczyk, the Manager.

Along with their other products, they of course sell their namesake sausage.

“Sausages are made at the smoke house using wood. Every sausage is made three times a week-fresh every second day,” Staszczyk said.

All their sausages are made using an old recipe. They are gluten free, and contain no GMO.

Find out more about the Delton Sausage House here.

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