Local Artist Finds Niche Career in Projection Art

by | Feb 8, 2020 | Arts & Life

By David Madawo

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Photo via Instagram.

Edmonton is beginning to see local artists pioneering visual and graphic arts to bolster a more stimulating vibe to their performances.

Kanye West and Travis Scott are just a few of the well-known musicians known to spend thousands hiring artists to create visuals to include in their shows.

Just one year ago, artist Sebastien Prophete, also known as Subdidi, was hired to showcase a video at an art exhibit called “The Enigma” that would pave the road for his career.

Having curated the event, Subdidi had control of how big of a bang he wanted to make, so he projected a video of him painting a mural on a large platform for everyone to see.

From there Subdidi went on to curate Launch Control, another large art-based event held downtown. But art exhibits clearly weren’t enough for the now coveted artist.

Working with visuals from Japanese animated media, Subdidi learned to manipulate font, music and these anime images to make his own unique projection. This instantly took off, and to this day audiences can expects a visually intoxicating set if Subdidi’s name is behind the artist in his trademark Canterbury Black font.

Subdidi has tailored visual epics for Edmonton artists such as Blu Kobina, Ntwali and Floyd. He has also collaborated with other visual artists like Golden5ild, 98apollo, KAM and Kerrtissy. Subdidi began to form a precedent of what can only be called an expected standard for art at shows.

“Everyone has a different sound and feel they give off, so it’s only right to match their energy with my visuals,” said Subdidi.

Having three years of experience in video work and twelve years of painting and graffiti, the success of Subdidi in the past nine months should not come as a surprise. His work ethic and process come from his experience with graffiti; his work is quickly covered up as soon as it is put down.

Music plays a huge factor in his process.

“My biggest inspiration is actually music and how rhythm and BPM control how we perceive visuals,” said Subdidi.

With artists like Subdidi taking bold steps forward, and adding more to the melting pot that is the art scene in Edmonton, Edmonton will start to see a drastic change in it’s art scene.

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