Last minute Halloween costumes

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Arts & Life, Uncategorized

– Sarah McKinley

The week leading up to Halloween can be stressful when you haven’t prepared a costume. Yet too many of us will leave our Halloween costume to the last minute. Many of us will just end up putting on some cat ears or a witch hat, but last minute costumes don’t have to be boring or overdone. Look no further, the searching and thinking has been done for you! Here are five fun costumes that are easy, cheap and time efficient.

The yodeling boy (Mason Ramsey)

Why be a boring cowboy when you could just as easily be the living legend, Mason Ramsey? For this costume all you need is a white or cream coloured cowboy hat, a white button down shirt, blue jeans and some boots (preferably of the cowboy variety). Optionally add a red bow tie and a belt to bring this costume to the next level. Make sure to practice your yodeling before Halloween!

Cluster of grapes

Head to your local dollar store and pick up some purple or green balloons. All you need to do is blow up the balloons, tape them on to cover your torso, and maybe throw some construction paper leaves on your head. A cheap and easy costume that’ll be ready in minutes!

The game of Operation

All you need to emulate the game of Operation is some red and white construction paper, some tape and a clown nose. Cut out the red and white construction paper to match all the cavities shown on the game and apply. The clown nose acts as the light up nose from the game. If you happen to have a giant pair of tweezers lying around that would bring the costume to life.

Emoji families

This is a group costume that would work for two to four people. All you need is plain coloured shirts. Pick one of the emoji families and wear the same colour of shirts as each emoji person. When together, make sure to stand in the proper formation of the chosen emoji family!

Zombify a costume

If you find yourself still not knowing what to be for Halloween, but you still have a costume from a previous Halloween kicking around, take that costume and zombify it. Make yourself paler or a little green-toned, throw some fake blood on the costume or yourself and put some black eyeliner around your eyes and smudge it out. This is a super easy way to reuse a costume, and minimizes the effort you need to put into a Halloween costume.

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