It’s still more taboo than sex

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Arts & Life, Uncategorized

– Nicole Murphy

People are more likely to discuss dirty sexual secrets than their salary with a stranger.

However talking about money could dramatically improve your financial well being, which could improve your romantic relationships.

The Money Habits and Confessions Survey released on behalf of LearnVest discovered 68% of respondents found money created more issues in a their relationship than sex. Another discovery was that 53% of men, and a whopping 62% of women would rather be single FOREVER than be with someone with bad money habits.

So how do people get better with their money? Just like with sex or any other topic of importance, communication and education can help. Taking the leap to ask questions about money, and being honest about where you are at, could create an environment for you to make goals to achieve a higher financial standard.

According to a survey conducted by Ally Bank, 70% of Americans believe it is rude to talk about money. Breaking through this social program could have its challenges, but could pay off in many areas of your life.

When people are 7 times more likely to talk about infidelity or STDs over their salary, yet the stress of money can end a relationship, perhaps having a good conversation about the bank could help your romantic life.


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