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Picking the correct playlist of tunes for a wonderful night of partying requires painstaking research and diligent planning. Selecting certain tracks to be played at specific times will affect the mood and energy of a room. It’s amazing how this process can make such a huge impact.

What’s even more amazing about music selection is the amount of remixes and productions we have had popping up in the past year.

By playing a mixture of all different types of music, including some of the major hits remixed and mashed up, a DJ can take an audience on a wild journey.
Some people may not even notice what is happening, as the music takes control of their body and influences their actions subconsciously. Overall, an amazing playlist will affect people’s perspectives of what he or she is thinking and how they should be feeling in that exact moment. A skilled DJ will observe individuals’ reactions and gauge which song to play next, based on the crowd’s reaction and response to the current song playing.

Surprise the listeners

Determining the next song is based on many different variables. The most important thing to consider is dropping a track to surprise the listeners.

Something to get the people shouting “ohhhhh” is what works best. The most common songs are old-school throwbacks, silly songs or songs that seem like they don’t belong in DJ sets, like “The Macarena.” Remember, these songs must be within the context of the night.

A first-class DJ will watch the spectators and study when they are taking another sip of their drinks, along with when people begin dancing to the music.
It’s the DJ’s job to set the pace for how fast things will progress in a night, while still making sure everyone is having a great time at the slower moments. The DJ must win people over with a mixture of upbeat slow tempo songs combined with the downbeat faster tempo tracks. This variation will diversify the liveliness throughout the room, making sure the energy flows smoothly.

It is imperative to play a few lower energy songs, despite the natural reaction to increase the energy. Slower songs give people a chance to breathe and rest before going hard again. Significantly, these breaks will send people to the bar, where they will spend more money and increase the venue’s profit.

Stand out

When the venue generates more money, the owners will obviously be more likely to hire a DJ again. Every time a DJ plays they make an impression on everyone listening, and on the people who pay the wages. A DJ who stands out will be remembered and will have a better chance of repeat business.

The key to being remembered as an awesome DJ is to layer your DJ name in the mix, through the use of samples. Throughout the evening, drop in a sample at the right the moment and you can hype up a crowd in a few seconds. The samples serve multiple purposes but the key is to get people to know who you are. Other functions include song transitions such as switching to higher or lower bpms (beats per minute). An example of a typical DJ sample would be “you’re listening to NR92” or “This is The 92 Minute NAIT Mix with djBohLd”

Speaking of The 92 Minute NAIT Mix, on Thursday afternoons at 4:30, if you get a chance, check out my live on-air DJ-Mix-Show on NAIT’s Campus Radio Station – “NR92”. Listen @ or with your Smartphone, using the free “Tune-In Radio” application that is found in the app store.


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