How cross conditioning is helping people workout from home

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Arts & Life

Finding the motivation to work out at home can be difficult as gyms remain closed.

For those who have struggled with training or working out, Justin Cross, owner and operator of Cross Conditioning, started his personal training company to help.

Justin Cross

Photo via Cross Conditioning

“We help people thirty-five plus who have tried training before and haven’t really had much success. We help guide them and show them how to do that properly,” said Cross.

Cross recommends having a partner work out with you to help find the motivation to continue to workout from home.

“The big thing for us is finding, even if it’s remote, some sort of training buddy,” said Cross.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be a trainer, but finding a friend or a partner that you can schedule a rural class with where you basically work out together at the same time on your phones just to have some accountability.”

Cross believes to be successful at working out from home is to designate a spot at home for workouts.

“If possible, designate a specific place to work out. So do your best not to necessarily work out in your bedroom if you can find a spot in the basement that you can set aside as your workout spot. [It helps] eliminate distractions as much as possible,” said Cross.

As gyms remain closed, Cross Conditioning was able to switch to online for their training purposes.

“We adjusted pretty quickly to lots of online training and zoom classes, and we use a training app to deliver programs to people’s phones which include video demonstrations and allows us to track progress remotely,” said Cross.

To find out more about Cross Conditioning or to see programs offered, check the link here.

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