Horror for Halloween – the best horror films on Netflix

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– Ty Ferguson

With Halloween season underway, what better time is there to deliberately disturb yourself with some horror movies? Here’s a few flix that are on Netflix that you can scare and/or entertain yourself with, whether you’re a horror film fanatic, an easy scare or if you think the films are generally just laughable.

The Babadook – Not a fan of jump scares or chase sequences? The Babadook scares with suspense and – despite what you may expect from its silly sounding name – is a seriously well-made film with great acting, editing and cinematography.

The Crazies – If you’re interested in pandemic driven plots in horror movies, The Crazies is a film that is worth a watch. An experimental virus released on a small midwestern town turns those affected into homicidal maniacs before their death. This leads to many violent, brutal and suspenseful scenes in a movie that is engaging and watchable without much thought.

Gerald’s Game – This dramatic Stephen King adaptation displays anguish and despair in it’s protagonist while actually providing a character arc like no other horror film. Gerald’s Game remains fundamentally horrifying while integrating an unexpected-yet-inspiring ending.

Coraline – Looking for something that’ll freak out the whole family? Coraline is a creepy classic that you can’t go wrong watching, no gorey or violent stuff here just stunning animation that makes the film easy on the eyes while still being considerably chilling.

Sharknado – Need a laugh? Reinforcing the phrase “so bad it’s good”, Sharknado is a movie that is proudly brainless. Seeming fully ironic the acting does not play as so, even despite the questionable antagonist. Just expect entertainment more than a serious scare. Sharknado is in a horror movie league of its own – one that is arguably best paired with the recent legalization of marijuana.

Don’t Breathe – Imagine Home Alone from the perspective of the thieves. Except the thieves are the protagonists and Macaulay Culkin is a wealthy blind man with secrets as horrifying as the consequences he has for home invaders.

Black Mirror – Although being a series of standalone episodes opposed to an actual horror movie, Black Mirror features endless unsettling-yet-profound depictions of a dystopian future – making it the perfect Halloween binge.

Honorable mentions: The VVitch, The Wailing, Oculus, Dawn of the Dead

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