Holiday decorating on a budget

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– Bridgette Boyko

Some people may be a scrooges during the holiday season, but others bask in the bright snow, warm hot cocoa, and of course- the decorating. With all the spending on holiday presents, and different treats, the holidays can get a little pricey. Here are five easy tips to holiday decorating while trying to stick to your budget:

1. Seek sales ahead of time

Everyone’s favourite time to shop is when items are cheap- and it’s no different for holiday decorations. Unfortunately, the sales don’t come before Christmas, when everyone is frantically shopping to add festivity to their home. The sales come after Christmas, when people are no longer looking to buy decorations. This can be a benefit though because it gives time to shop ahead! Purchase the decorations you like after Christmas and then use them the following year; so you can get the best of both worlds: cute decorations for a good price!

2. Don’t forget about the dollar store

When it comes to shopping most people don’t expect to find everything they need at the dollar store. But there’s so much more available than you might think. Not only is the dollar store the perfect place to purchase materials for any of your DIY projects, but it is also perfect for small decorations! From tinsel to twinkle lights, the dollar store sells all sorts of decorations that can add a little flare to your home for the holidays. The best part is each item won’t cost you more than five dollars.

3. Recycle household items

The best and cheapest place to start your shopping is in the comfort of your own home! Start your holiday decorating with what you already have! Re-evaluate, re-arrange and re-position any items you already own that can give your home a new look and create a holiday vibe. If there aren’t any just lying around in plain sight, then dig through that old closet, or last year’s decoration box, and you may be able to find a diamond in the rough!

4. DIY

The easiest way to avoid paying for overpriced decorations is to make them yourself! Whether you take a trip to the local art-supplies store or the dollar store – it’s easy to find all sorts of things that allow you to create the cutest decorations around. It may take a little more time and effort than the other tips but it’s worth it because you get the decorations for cheap and you get to have fun while you make them – not to mention the bragging rights for making your amazing decor yourself!

5. One word- Pinterest

Pinterest helps you find new ideas to try, and is always filled with inspiration. Whether it’s a cute DIY project someone created or a gorgeous room theme they put together, Pinterest has it all. It’s easy to navigate and helps get over the “decorating-block” you may be facing when trying to turn your home into a magical winter wonderland!

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