Happiest in a Dungeon

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By: Theron Hogg

Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game. A person called a Dungeon Master (DM) sets the scene, you decide what you want to do, and then you roll some dice to see how successful you are. There’s a lot more to it but if you want to start playing the first thing you need to find is a DM, after that you’ll probably want to get a set of chessex polyhedral dice, download a free character sheet off the Wizards of the Coast’s website, and make sure you have a good group of friends to go adventuring with.

Once you get started, your dungeon master will help you pick your race and class. Whether you like pummelling foes with your brute strength as a goliath barbarian, baffling enemies and allies alike with astounding magic as an elven wizard, or even if you’d rather talk your way out of a sticky situation as a tiefling bard, there’s really no end to how you can play the game.

Everyone has their own opinions about D&D, but I am in love with it. I was much younger when I first started playing D&D, but I didn’t start seriously playing until I was around 14 when my friend decided to run a dedicated campaign spanning multiple sessions. The campaign was called Hoard of the Dragon Queen and I got to play as a dragon born barbarian named Captain Hammer.

Although we never finished the campaign, my friends and I shared a lot of great memories, and honestly it was a great way for a lonely kid to get out of the house. Ever since then I was hooked, and I’ve met so many people through D&D. Nowadays, I DM more than I play and my favourite part about it is running games for people who have

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