Gamers play for sick kids

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Extra Life is a fundraising event that aims to unite gamers across the world with the cause of raising funds for children’s hospitals during a 24-hour long gaming session. With a humble beginning of only a few thousand participants, the event raised around $300,000 for a Texas Children’s Hospital. Extra Life has grown to encompass 50,000 participants each year and raises over $30 million for hospitals of the Children’s Miracle Network.

The charity event got its start in 2008 in honour of Victoria Enmon, a victim of lymphoblastic leukemia, with the help of an online gaming community called Sarcastic Gamer. The Sarcastic Gamer community had been airing a once a year radio show to raise money for hospitals and one of the community’s members, Jeromy “Doc” Adams, spearheaded Extra Life as a way to both pay tribute to Enmon and help prevent more children’s lives being lost to cancer.

Though the charity event started in the mainland U.S., it has grown to include both Canada and Puerto Rico. With the nearly global reach of participants, all money raised is donated locally to member hospitals of the Children’s Miracle Network.

NAIT student Connor England is planning to take part in the 24-hour event with a team of friends and family.

“This is my second year with the charity,” says England, “My first year was with the official Reddit Team, which ran globally with a few thousand members.” Connor has organized a team of five, including himself. Pierce England, Liam England, Mackenzie Crockett and Leon Hetzel will join him.

England can be found at https://www. on Nov. 4 to Nov. 5 streaming for 24 hours, raising funds for the Stollery Children’s Hospital during Extra Life. If anyone is interested in joining Extra Life, simply go to their website: https://, sign up and choose a local hospital. Join a team, clan, or do it solo and join the fundraising drive to help sick children across the world.

– Isaac Dymock

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