From Backyard to Business

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By Eryn Pinksen

Jerome Jackson Alumni Auto NAIT Grad

Supplied photo.

Getting as much experience as you can is Jerome Jackson’s advice to incoming NAIT students.

Jackson graduated from NAIT in 2001 from the Automotive Technician program and now owns his own shop. The name of his shop is a nod to his NAIT experience: Alumni Auto Repair.

“Whatever has four wheels, we’ll take it on,” said Jackson.

He got his start working on local cars in his backyard near St. Paul and getting exposure from his community. He trained with a local auto repair shop then went to NAIT for his certification.

“Get as much experience, because there’s always different ways of doing things,” said Jackson.

Jackson worked at many different shops for over 10 years, even while he was in school, getting the most experience and exposure as he could. He gained a loyal clientele who followed him as he learned more and more.

He decided to “go out on his own” and went to NAIT for Management and Marketing to get experience in business.

While at NAIT he was a student ambassador and Jackson said it was his favourite experience because he got to meet people.

He enjoyed meeting new people at NAIT and he said that the connections he made and having NAIT on his resume opened doors for him when he went to open his own shop.

“Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, take it in and be all that you can be,” said Jackson.

He encourages NAIT students to get all the experience they can and to not be afraid to ask questions and learn more no matter where you are in your career.

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