Flynn – have fun, will travel

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Being a working dog can be rough, especially when you’re as famous as me; I’m Flynn the NAIT therapy dog. I started at NAIT four years ago and boy, are my days hard.

I wake up in the morning and need to be brushed by Linda, my owner. After she is done getting me ready, it’s time to get to work! Sometimes I need to lay in front of the door so Linda doesn’t leave me behind!

When I get to NAIT, Linda checks my schedule to see who has booked an appointment
to see me. On occasion students just come to the office to visit me; I’m always willing to drop whatever I’m doing to help them out! It is very hard work helping these people. I have to let them cuddle and play with me all day but someone needs to do it.

Some days I get to wander around NAIT campus to check out what’s going on. I go to popular studying and hang out areas to see if anyone needs my help. I like to do this, especially around exam time, because of how stressed the students get. I really help them to relax. I’m so cute that it’s hard to stay stressed out when I’m around!

I do get days off from NAIT sometimes but even on those days off I’m still working hard! I volunteer at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Those kids are so excited to see me that it makes it worth getting up early. When I’m not volunteering, one of my absolute favourite things to do is play with my ball! I love my ball so much. I love to chase it, chew it and hide it from Linda. It takes her so long to find that it seems like she’s not even looking. But I am just a very good hider.

Sometimes I wonder why people love me so much. I think it’s because I have my own unique personality. I’m a quiet, chill dog and I’m a little bit of a mind reader. I know what students want from me; I know whether they want cuddles, to play or even if they’re nervous to be around me. But, to be honest, I think people love me because I’m very cute. I mean, have you seen my beautiful curly brown fur?

My days at NAIT are also fun because I get to visit with my best friend Lola. I have
known Lola since she was a puppy and she’s a sweetheart. I love to play with her
and cuddle her. When she was a puppy, I used her to play a joke on Linda. I would put her head in my mouth – but not close it – and put my paw over her, but not put any weight on her. Linda was so scared I was going to hurt her. It was so funny! But I would never hurt Lola. NAIT students don’t seem to know as much about her as they do about me but I’m sure one day she may be even as popular as me. Maybe.

Being a therapy dog is very demanding, busy work. But I love seeing the students’ faces light up when they see me. It makes this hard work worth it. If you are interested in meeting me, look me up on the NAIT website! I’d love to meet you!

– Flynn
Photo by Loreena Jans

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