Expert Dating Coach Helps Men Find ‘The One’

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Arts & Life

Money can buy just about anything, but can it buy a relationship?

Gino Brodoaski, dating coach and owner of The Perfect 10, considers himself to be an expert at helping those lost in the dating world.

Although categorized as a relationship coach, a dating coach is very different in their own way. Brodoaski’s been in the business for four years and helps men in their journey of dating and to find the ‘one’.

“A dating coach helps individuals reach their dating goals and overcome whatever their challenges may be. [This could be] insecurities, lack of experience, not knowing what to do, and to overcome any grey areas they might have. [Our job is to] help them get dates, get a girlfriend, and one day to have the woman they want,” said Brodoaski.

The big difference between a relationship coach and a dating coach is that a dating coach helps someone get into a relationship and a relationship coach helps them stay one. The need for a relationship coach would only come after dating.

“I think there’s a lot of things that are correlated between the two. A dating coach will help you [get] dates [and] to prepare yourself to [be in] a relationship. For a relationship coach, you’d be in a relationship. If things aren’t going well then you would approach [one of them]. I think that’s the biggest difference,” said Brodoaski.

Brodoaski’s career in this field started because of his frustrations in the dating world. He struggled just as much as the next guy and was disappointed with his lack of ability to find a girlfriend and someone to share his life with.

“I used to have a really hard time. I was terrible [at dating] for most of my life so at some point I just decided to do something about it. I started reading books, trying and failing, and overcoming all of the fears I had. I learned all the skills I needed to learn to actually become successful and make the life I wanted [because] I knew the pain of not being good at dating,” said Brodoaski.

Having experienced what his clients are going through first hand, Brodoaski believes it’s the main reason why he became a dating coach in the first place.

“I wanted to help other guys, other men. I know a lot of them are going through the same things, having a lack of success in their relationship life, going through a very unpleasant time. Living your life on a daily basis with the idea that you cannot find this partner, this one best friend to be with, to share your life with… it’s not enjoyable,” said Brodoaski.

Brodoaski said the company’s success rate is very good, but lots of the success that comes out of these appointments is because the clients put in the effort.

Brodoaski gives his clients the puzzle pieces to become great at dating and to benefit from the time spent with him, but the client has to put the puzzle together on their own time. If they put in the work to grow and become more comfortable in dating situations then they’ll find great benefits from the program.

The Perfect 10 has multiple programs that are available to sign up for.

“We have one-on-one programs, in-person programs like boot camps and weekend boot camps, we have online programs, and mentoring calls. It’s different from client-to-client,” said Brodoaski.

Brodoaski’s prices range from $500 to $5000 for his services and clientele that span from 18 to 45-year-olds. He tailors each appointment to the type of person he’s working with, but believes each client has the same goal in mind.

“Every individual has a different life story and they have different blocks, insecurities, traumas that they’ve been through in their life. They all have different struggles so even though it’s different, it’s very much the same,” said Brodoaski.

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