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If you’re a student who has an affinity for music, then Take the Stage is the perfect opportunity for you. This second showcase of student talent is coming March 15, from 4-7 p.m. at the Nest.

There are nine performers this year, with the same rules and regulations as last year. All of them will be competing for a chance to perform at a future NAIT event, such as Nest Fest 2018.

CAB Event Co-ordinator Harley Russell explained why it’s important to showcase talent and to give students a chance to perform at another campus event.

“Because we don’t have a music program at NAIT, a lot of people who are talented don’t have somewhere to express it, and this gives them that opportunity … it’s not that easy to get out there, especially if people love music but they don’t really have a place to express it,” said Russell.

Russell hopes that this show inspires other musicians among the NAIT crowd to sign up for next year.

“We only took nine but we have room for more. Hopefully this inspires people to kinda step out of their bubble and perform a little bit more.”

Last year, The Be Easy’s, propelled from their success at Take the Stage, played Nest Fest.

For those with a musical talent, sign-ups are still available through NAITSA’s website. Further information can be found by emailing Harley Russell at harleyr@nait.ca.

– Trumann Tu

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