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NAIT’s 2015 United Way Campaign has kicked off once again, with the goal of raising $75,000. Running from Nov. 2-27, NAIT staff will be working with the United Way to engage staff and students on campus to raise funds for the organization. United Way is an organization that unites companies, community members and social services partners to achieve one shared goal: break the cycle of poverty.

In this month, NAIT and United Way have several events to participate in. During Week 1 (Nov. 2-6), NAIT’s campaign facilitated a sumo-wrestling match, kickoff lunches and a reduced price for drop-in fitness classes. If you missed any of those events, don’t worry. Each week has more in store to raise money.

During Week 2 (Nov. 9-13), you can participate in a poverty simulation on Nov. 13 to understand how poverty affects people and families.

During Week 3 (Nov. 16-20), you can participate in Toonie Tuesday. Buy unlimited coffee or tea for a toonie at various locations around NAIT. Nov. 17 also features a Silent Auction. You can also purchase a chili lunch from Blue Plate at the Common Market on Nov. 19.

During Week 4 (Nov. 23-27), you can purchase a refurbished computer monitor for $20 (Nov. 25), read to children at Sherwood School (Nov. 26) and purchase fresh bread and turkey sausage rings from the NAIT Bakers Club and Retail Meat Cutting Program (Nov. 27). From Nov. 24 to 26, your name can be added to the United Way Hero Wall by donating $1.

On top of all the weekly activities, month-long activities include casual pass sales, 50/50 draws for a potential jackpot of $3,500, and an athletic food drive located in the NAIT Arena and Gymnasium. Contributing to the United Way can help low income families gain financial stability and support the youth in growing communities achieve their potential.

“I encourage students to get involved because United Way is an important organization in our region that helps thousands of people who are living in poverty,” said Nicole Rose, Alumni Relations Officer. “Forty thousand of those [in poverty] are children. The numbers are staggering. United Way is the solution for ending poverty. The NAIT community is very large and if each of us contributes just a little, that support will go a long way to help someone in need.”

Helping your community support those less fortunate than us is very admirable. United Way is determined to reach their goal of poverty elimination. We can work together to build a stronger supportive community. This month’s events around NAIT ensure you’ll have fun donating. So, what are you waiting for? November has already started!


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