Edmonton’s one-man wonder

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Ram Hoss is a one man wonder coming out of Edmonton. Starting his solo project in 2012, he does all of it, from writing and producing his music to performing it. After a long time running he has finally earned is own record label Homespun Discos. This has been a busy year for Ram Hoss. Hoss has been sweating in the studio, and is set to release seven albums on vinyl including Royal Blues, Quetzalcoatl Cuts, and V$ in the upcoming months. As well as two digital only copies T N’ T and DrippinGz. Hoss isn’t new to the scene, his other projects are “The Randelles” and “Azeda Booth”. You can find all his work on his Soundcloud.

Hoss gave some insight as to the who’s, what’s, and why’s happening with this project.

So, what made you start wanting to do your own solo project?

“Well, I used to sing in a band where I was trying to find myself in this group, and I was singing in like, a really high voice and it was a gimmick, I was finding myself, and I didn’t understand the concept. One time a friend gave me a really good piece of advice when I was falling apart. I asked him, ‘what am I supposed to be’ and he was like ‘just be yourself’, and it seemed impossible at the time but this is like, Ram Hoss sort of started becoming what is the beginning of my expression and just being myself.”

Can you speak a bit about the album you are currently working on?

“Well, everything is kinda stitched up, except for the ones I said I’d show you. Some of that stuff I’m going to be finishing when I get my studio set up. It’s called Pain Management and it’s sort of a mixtape, it like goes everywhere, there’s like some acoustic stuff on there and some electronic stuff.”

Can you give some advice to anyone wanting to produce or do their own solo stuff?

“Just to let their low hangers swing in the wind and just like, rock back and forth until you hit all those haters in the face, just knock em down ya know? Because they’re there and will try and stop you at every turn, everything will. Your own fear of succeeding and your own self doubt and even sometimes your own lack of ambition and you just have to figure out why that is. There’s always somebody waiting in the wings to knock you down and you gotta just heck ’em in the bum.”

He is truly a jack-of-all-trades. His music is a little rock, a little punk, and a little electronic. He’s got an album for any occasion. You can find all of Ram Hoss’s new and old jams on soundcloud.com/ramhoss or buy his music on ramhoss.bandcamp.com. His top picks are “Keep Sweet”, “Prix Quills”, and “tV”.

– Tora Matys

Image courtesy of Ram Hoss

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