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Blow jobs are like lasagna. When you say you don’t like them, people get confused and offended, then state that you’ve never had a good one, or theirs.

The idea that a man does not like oral is so far removed from our society. Cosmopolitan says “If he isn’t comatose, he wants a blow job.” GQ has advice for men who are giving and receiving. Advice is all over the Internet. Even women-oriented porn has the mandatory fellatio. Some adult sites are dedicated to the act, which I respect, as there is a fetish out there for everyone.

If you look at it from the porn “POV” as it were the statistics are very much in favour of giving head. Pornhub has an extensive catalogue of statistics regarding searches by date, year, country, state, fetish, star, average viewing time and gender of viewer. If you have a fetish for well kept, consistent census data, Pornhub has you covered. The data does not list blow jobs in their data unless it calls for it, as was the case in 2014 where “Thanksgiving Blowjob” was No. 9 of Pornhub’s list of top holiday searches. This means that a gobble is standard practice.

Men will boast of a time they received head in public. Online boards such as dedicated Reddit boards and other forums, have tried to figure out why men might not like receiving a bob on the knob. It boils down to so many different techniques, but some guys don’t like having a face near their crotch.

Medicinal Daily states that women give more than receive but like it less so. These facts are contested, as many people will either brag or be shy of their sex lives. The general thought is that if a lady doesn’t want to give, she must search out advice. Either from the Internet or from places like Cosmo. And Cosmo is the worst place for advice. Cosmo states that a blow job is the “second-best kind of sex” but you can’t trust a magazine that suggests you should pretend a member is a joystick or, painfully “make two fists … and twist them in opposite directions as fast as you can,” with no mention of lube.

They recommend a snake bite. That prank that feels like a friction burn on your penis.
These are just statistics and terrifying advice. Relationships and good sex are based in good communication. Talk to your partner, maybe they don’t like a very common sexual practice, maybe they really like it. It’s as the Internet states that there are a million and one ways to give, but it’s OK if you don’t like it.

– Steven Smith

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