Deadmonton: “A double fright for your life”

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By Jared Gomes
Upon entering the Deadmonton house no one really knows what to expect. But after being greeted by a zombie, a mummy and a gravedigger who creepily stalks his victims throughout the complex, this is the bone-chilling experience of the season no one will want to miss.

Deadmonton haunted house

Photo by Jared Gomes

Deadmonton started in a small warehouse and over the years expanded to their current location, on Gateway Boulevard. This year they’ve made it bigger and scarier with two haunted houses. The main event is themed around Area 51, and has guests explore a classified military test facility. The second event starts at dusk giving it the fitting title Dusk: Rise Of The Dead where guests will explore a New Orleans inspired cemetery.

Not only are there the two frightful events, but there is a rooftop patio and main seating area to take a break and re-up before the next terrifying experience. Enjoy one of the many delights from the food trucks or mini-doughnuts and popcorn.

Due to modern standards, face masks are required to be worn on the premises. There are some available for purchase at the door, should guests forget their own. Disposable masks are being sold for a dollar and Deadmonton branded masks are ten dollars.

To make sure everything is safe for all visitors there are many precautions being taken. There are sanitizing stations located around the premises for patrons to use along with cleaning staff cleaning every fifteen minutes. For extra safety, they are also doing electrostatic cleaning weekly on the premises.

Deadmonton haunted house

Photo by Jared Gomes

“It’s a lot about knowing your room and how you can stay distanced,” said an anonymous scare actor.

Deadmonton haunted house

Photo by Jared Gomes

Groups will also be going through at a slower rate than previous years which helps keep social distancing. This will enrich the experience by not encountering others on the tour of the houses.

“If you’re on the fence about coming, we’re going above and beyond Alberta Health and Safety. They have come two to three times and have made corrections and suggestions. They are behind us, as we want to make sure the public and staff are safe,” said the General Manager, Katherine Petch.

“We are very fortunate to be able to open this year giving people something to look forward to, and helping to bring joy to people.”

When you are purchasing tickets for this event it is better to pre-purchase your tickets online because walk-in sales cannot be guaranteed. For more information and to purchase tickets go to

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