Date ideas to make your valentine swoon

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Arts & Life

By Angela Kazmierczak

Whether it’s been weeks, months or years of marriage or dating, couples long to romance each other. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, many partners become flustered when brainstorming ideas to show their love. Say no more, friends. Here are ideas from couples and singles alike. These ideas will help win over that dazzling valentine, whether for the first time or for the twentieth time over.

  1. A fancy restaurant and splurge 

Ah, this one smells of red wine and roasted whole chicken with herbs and romance. 

Idea: “It’ll be our first Valentine’s Day together, so I think no matter what, it’ll be fresh and exciting. We booked a reservation at a fancy restaurant and are going to splurge a little for the occasion. It will make a regular Monday night feel pretty special, and we’ll be able to try new food together.” -Alleah 

There’s nothing like a traditional fine wine and dine, especially when there’s red wine.

  1. Finding bliss in the unexpected 

Oo la-la-la-la. Even Cupid, the god of desire and erotic love, wishes these ideas were sprung upon him. 

Idea: “I think my favourite way to keep Valentine’s Day fresh and exciting is to plan a date full of things you’ve never done before. Most couples just go out for dinner or to the movies and such, but it’s so much more fun and non-repetitive to do something random, like get take-out, have a picnic, a camp out, watch movies or talk for hours in private. The most important thing is to never stick to one routine and allow it to play out every year. Even searching up activities in the area, like go-karting or the waterpark, can provide many date ideas to keep it new and exciting every year.” -Kelsea 

  1. Passing handwritten cards 

Please pass the cinnamon hearts and Kleenex for this one. Maybe even a box of savoury chocolates and a big ol’ smooch.

Idea: “An idea I have is to write handwritten cards to each person you love. It could be for family or friends—just let the people you love know you love them. You don’t have to spend money to have people know you care. Chocolates and flowers still work too … You could even go for a late night drive. It could be just the two of you driving around, bonding and blasting the music.” -Kallen 

  1. Carve out time to talk and grow healthier, deeper roots 

Ping! There flies Cupid’s arrow. 

Idea: “When you’re in a long-term relationship, especially when you live together, it’s very easy to get into a routine of being lazy about your love life. Cuddling and watching Netflix is great, but it is a passive activity that doesn’t necessarily promote communication or emotional intimacy. You aren’t going to learn new about your partner while binge-watching the new season of Selling Sunset. 

Instead, schedule time to actively engage and communicate with your partner. Doing things together is a great way to keep things exciting and learn more about each other. Have a paint night and talk about your dream vacations. Go on a hike and discuss the differences in how each of you handles frustration. Cook dinner together and share funny stories from your childhood. Creating spaces to communicate and actively spend time together will make the difference in your relationship in the long run.” -Amy 

  1. Learn something together like two peas in a pod… of love 

Mistakes are inevitable when learning something new, but what better way for a couple to get to know each other than learning together. How-2-qte.

Idea: “I would do something that neither of us have done before. So you can suck together.” 


Pediatrician and psychiatrist, Dr. Hisla Bates, claims that learning an activity together will strengthen a relationship because it forces each person to become vulnerable. When one pea fails, be ready to give the other pea love, support and those belly laugh jokes. The doctor also boasts that solving problems together deepens a couple’s bond. Wink, wink.

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