Dark tourism in Edmonton for Halloween

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– Jaryd Taylor

Edmonton is shaping up to be quite scary this time of year, but this time it’s intentional. Below is a list of Halloween events hosted around River City looking to scare their entrants.


When: October 18-27

Time: 7 PM -11 PM

Where: Fort Edmonton Park

Price: $30 for DARK Circle/ $55 for DARK & Dead Centre of Town

Fort Edmonton Park’s newest attraction, the DARK Circle, will let you experience three separate haunts filled with distinct stories. From werewolves to a cult to a wedding turned deadly, there is a scare for everyone. If you find the lineups between each 15-minute adventure to be lengthy, wandering actors ensure attendees are always entertained with seasonal spooks. Strange figures watch over campfires to keep patrons warm through the chilling experiences of their stay. Additionally, refreshments and food options are sold at a central stand to help you survive the night; features range from Skewered Rat to a Cup of Dirt to a variety of choices at the beer gardens. The backdrop of Fort Edmonton Park builds to a night unlike any other at this expertly arranged first year of a haunt for the DARK team.

Dead Centre of Town

When: October 18-31

Time: 7:30 PM & 9:30 PM

Where: Fort Edmonton Park

Price: $25 for Dead Centre of Town/ $55 for Dead Centre of Town & DARK

Dead Centre of Town’s 11th annual live-action show is being put on by Catch the Keys Productions; this year in conjunction with DARK at Fort Edmonton Park. It features real stories from Edmonton’s past ranging from the 1920’s-1980’s, and a roving theatre performance. Be prepared to become immersed in gore, horror, and tales of piloting gone wrong in the Blatchford Field Hangar in Fort Edmonton Park.


When: September 28-November 4

Time: Availability Varies – check their website for details (deadmontonhouse.com)

Where: 7031 Gateway Blvd.

Price: $25

Winding through a weathered warehouse with Deadmonton’s latest installment is a staple in this year’s bout of Edmonton haunts. Expect a scare from experienced monsters, as this year marks Deadmonton’s fifth annual event. Thematically featuring a post-apocalyptic entrance, guests are welcomed into an army outpost complete with a heated tent and a snack bar for the line-up outside. You’ll wander from the army outpost to various scenes and jump scares of atmospheric chaos, ending in a merch store. If you’re looking for an extra scare be sure to attend their Flashlights Only event on the final three days of Deadmonton: Nov 2, 3, or 4. For these nights, lights are turned off completely as each group solely uses a flashlight to navigate through the wind. The event this year has fundraised for P.A.W.S. for Life, an Edmonton-based animal charity that assists dogs in finding homes, by hosting a dog costume contest on Oct. 4.

Edmonton Ghost Tours

When: October 20-November 7

Time: Varies – check their website for details (edmontonghosttours.com)

Where: Various Tours of Edmonton

Price: $15-$40

The Edmonton Ghost Tours feature guides through pieces of Edmonton’s past. You and your convoy will rove through the oldest neighbourhoods around to learn about haunted houses, local history, and about compounding reports of weird bumps in the night. Currently, these events can include a tour in Old Strathcona with a veteran storyteller, a haunted ride on the High Level Bridge Trolley, a hike through the old buildings at UofA, storied Pub crawls, or a walk with a medium through Old Strathcona. If you are interested, tickets can be purchased online through Eventbrite.


Image of DARK Edmonton courtesy of Aaron Wilmot

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