Cruise Into Autumn on a Vespa with District Moto

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Arts & Life

There’s still time to catch a Vespa ride at District Moto, a local café and bar that provides an exciting experience ending with a coffee, homemade panini, or cold craft brew. The stylish Vespas can be rented by the hour and make for a memorable adventure through the city. 

Christian Olstead, the General Manager at District Moto, is bringing a unique vibe to the downtown café and bar scene with a bit of European inspiration.

“There’s always been an overlap for people riding bicycles and motorbikes. They want a place where they can gather and meet each other and have a coffee while talking about their riding stories. So, that’s what we were going for and it’s been a challenge with COVID for sure, but we’re very optimistic that we can get there,” said Olstead.

Paired with the autumn colours and views of Edmonton’s River Valley, a Vespa ride is a perfect date night to see everything the city has to offer. All riders need is a Class 5 Driver’s License and a credit card or proof of insurance.

“I like to go to Manchester Square because it kind of looks like that European style. When you’re on the Vespa with those colourful, European looking buildings, it fits so well and it’s very Instagrammable,” said Olstead.

“Pretty well anywhere that someone sees you is the best place to drive because everyone lights up when they see a Vespa, whether there are other riders or people on the streets, people just start smiling and say ‘hey, look at that’.”. 

The venturesome Vespas pair well with the interior of the café, which has an industrial, trendy, and cozy look. The winding staircase leads to a basement that houses a bar with a selection of beers from local breweries such as Alley Kat and SYC.

“We’re going to be doing a bunch of events with the breweries because we only use the independent craft breweries in Alberta, it’s all locally made. We thought we could give them an opportunity to branch out to some students, so we’re working on getting a bunch of events with them going. We were talking [about Alley Kat] doing a pumpkin spice beer night with pumpkin carving,” said Olstead.

Even though District Moto’s Vespa season won’t last into the winter, the café still has lots of ideas for events that they hope will bring coffee and craft beer lovers together.

“We’re a small business and we really care about our community. We want everyone around us to have a good time, whether that’s our neighbors or anyone coming in for a beer. That’s our dream, to be a shining star in the community,” said Olstead.

Find more information on District Moto’s Vespa rentals on their website and be sure to follow their Instagram (@districtmotoyeg) to catch their upcoming events.

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