Conspiracy Corner: Trump and COVID-19

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Arts & Life, Entertainment, Uncategorized

By Elijah O’Donnell

On Friday October 2, 2020, president of the United States Donald J. Trump posted his now infamous tweet stating that he and the First Lady were COVID-19 positive.

The tweet spread quickly, becoming his most liked tweet ever with 919 thousand retweets and 1.8 million likes as of time of writing.

What also began to spread were the conspiracies surrounding his condition.

A popular avenue of thought is to suggest that the POTUS was purposefully infected in an attempt to sway the election.

It is said that the infection was planted to try and catch Trump in a moment of hypocrisy. The President has promoted alternative treatments through the use of hydroxychloroquine and disinfectant injection. The idea was that if Trump got infected he would immediately seek top notch medical care.

Whether or not his infection was just a fluke or a carefully planned and executed plot against the POTUS, the outcome was the same, and then some. Not only did he forgo a hydroxychloroquine treatment, but the experimental cocktail used to treat his symptoms contained a controversial ingredient: embryonic stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells are cells created during pregnancy as they can morph themselves to be any type of cell the body needs. President Trump, who is known to be pro-life (even tweeting “PRO LIFE! VOTE!” on October 5) used stem cells from discarded human embryos for his treatment.

Other theories suggest that becoming infected could make the President appear weak compared to his political counterpart Joe Biden.

Many die hard supporters of The President see him as almost superhuman compared to the average american, and seeing him contract a virus he had downplayed for months could sway voters in a different direction.

Another theory suggests that President Trump was infected as a plot to then infect Joe Biden during the first round of debates and potentially killing both front running presidential candidates and upturning the election less than a month before it is meant to take place.

People online were quick to say that the whole thing was a ploy and that The President is faking his diagnosis. This was before he was seen three days after his diagnosis, claiming he had gotten over the virus already due to his DNA being “USA”.

Trump can be seen on video as if he appears to be having a tough time breathing and even trying to hold in coughs.

But, why could he have been faking it?

Early theories suggest it was a ploy so President Trump could state that he had taken an experimental new vaccine and claim he was cured, thus spreading “microbot infested vaccines” into the unsuspecting american populace.

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