Conspiracy Corner: Drugs in the Water

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Arts & Life, Uncategorized


Could it be a communist plot? Or perhaps mass mind control? Maybe just an excuse for big business. Whatever it is, it’s in your water. We’re talking, of course, about fluoride in the tap water.

In the late ‘30s, an aluminum company called ALCOA had a massive amount of aluminum waste, a.k.a. Fluoride, to get rid of. Instead of dumping the waste, they did what any self-respecting bunch of industry scientists would do. They started experimenting on rats. Claiming that it reduces tooth cavities in the rats, the first public proposal to add the drug to the water supply was made by a corporation. Not a doctor or scientist, but a company. Most governments began to add fluoride during the Second World War, right as aluminum production for the war effort was at its peak. Coincidence?

So we know how it got there, but what does that mean? What does it do?
One theory states that it was the Russians who put it there. This is similar to the theory that Chinese governments are artificially creating an anti-vaccination stance in North America to weaken our immune systems. The same themes stand: fluoride is used to keep us weak and helpless.

Another theory states that our own government is adding fluoride to keep us sedated. From the eyes of The Man, it’s a lot easier to control a docile populous. It wouldn’t be the only time the government has put drugs in the water to try and control people. Project MK Ultra also saw the addition of a mysterious substance added to tap water to control people and that drug was LSD.

“No, there’s nothing wrong with my tap water,” says a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Who they are isn’t significant, but the realization they came to just after. “Wait, I just automatically said that, I didn’t even stop to think about it. Is that mind control?”

Why is it that city populations, those with the most fluoride in the water, seem to be living just behind the eyes, like zombies? Why is it that public funding goes to putting something in our water that hasn’t been fully proven to work? Why do we pump something the FDA categorizes as “hazardous waste” into what we drink? Is it the aliens? The Lizard government? The bureaucrats?

All I know is I’m buying a Brita.

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