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Canadian Cryptids 

By: Anonymous
Photo Courtesy: CryptidWiki


As the snow thaws, people begin to leave their homes again. Summer is on the horizon and with it comes exploration. But one thing they don’t tell you is that there are others who have been here for far longer than we have. Others who have already explored all over this great nation. No matter where you go this summer, Conspiracy Corner has you covered with a cryptid to watch out for!

Matlox – Yukon Territories
Deep in the Yukon lives a cannibalistic beast called the Matlox. No one knows if he is a relation to Bigfoot, man, or both. The Matlox was first discovered by Spanish explorer José Mariano Mociño in 1792. Mociño had
this to say about the creature: “I do not know what to say about Matlox, an inhabitant of the mountainous district, of who all have an unbelievable terror. They imagine his body as very monstrous, all covered with stiff black bristles; a head similar to a human one, but with much greater, sharper, and stronger fangs than those of the bear; extremely long arms; and toes and fingers armed with long curved claws. His shouts alone (they say) force those who hear them to
the ground, and any unfortunate body he slaps is broken into a thousand pieces.”

Great Canadian Spiderbat – Alberta
What’s that? Is it a bird? Is it a spider? Is it a bat? No. It’s the Spiderbat! The Spiderbat has only been spotted once so far, but it was a frightening sighting none the least. As the story goes, after just putting his animals to bed, an Alberta farmer was passing by an old run down barn. As he moved, he saw something huge in the upper window of the structure. A pair of white eyes attached to a Mothman like body with spiderlike fangs. The farmer says he believed the monster had more eyes just like a spider, but it was too dark to tell. After he spotted the creature, it ducked back into the barn and was never seen again. That was back in 2017 and creature hunters believe that the Spiderbat still roams the Albertan countryside, lurking in dark, secluded structures.

Garson Invadors – Ontario
They came from beyond! That’s right, aliens totally count as cryptids. The Garson Invaders were a group of otherworldly beings spotted by an Italian minor named Ennio La Sarza all the way back in 1954. Described as being 13 feet tall with six arms and six legs, each with a crab claw on end. The beings were said to be a blue colour with antennas on their heads and “completely apocalyptic.” After touching down in their 25-foot spherical ship, they approached Sarza. When he attempted to run he was stopped by what he described as a physic blast. The beings from another world then left had have been spotted a few more times since then. Theories state that they are from a near ocean planet, which would explain their aquatic figures.


Whether it’s science fiction or space fact, we may never know. It makes you wonder what’s out there…



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