Choose A Whyte Ave Bar, Get Your Personality Reading

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Arts & Life, Uncategorized

Whyte avenue Edmonton tarotscopes psychic reading
By Stephanie Swensrude

Choose a Whyte Avenue bar, get a personality reading.

Pfft. Who needs tarot cards or palm readings when your Old Strathcona bar of choice will tell me everything I need to know about you.

The Buckingham

You love a good pair of Doc Martens. Your septum is definitely pierced. You smoke clove cigarettes and you were born in the wrong generation.

The Black Dog

You have a mild case of split personalities. You’ll never pass up a little weed. You are probably a SoundCloud rapper. You have DMed someone after a show saying “Hey, saw you at the show tonight, I was too shy to come over and say hi.”


FERDA! You’re definitely a hockey boy. You pretend to like nerdy things to fit in. Cherry is your favourite vape flavour, and yes, you definitely vape.

Funky Buddha

You’re basic, but cool. You’re the type of person who has a heart-to-heart with strangers in the bathroom after seven vodka crans. You sweat a lot.


You’re basic, but a bitch. You for sure make out with regrettable people at the bar and you call yourself “barsexual”. You were a little too excited for Whiteclaw to come to Canada.

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