Campus Activity Board Preparing For Fall Term

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Arts & Life

With NAIT’s 2020-2021 winter term coming to an end, the Campus Activity Board (CAB) is already getting ready for the 2020-2021 fall term.

Jen Sieben, campus life director for NAITSA, said CAB is responsible for planning and creating all NAITSA events.

“CAB makes campus life incredible for students. They’re the hands who implement events. They do about a hundred and forty events a year in a normal year. This year we’re sitting at about a hundred events being online,” said Sieben.

Sieben said planning for events starts in May, and events are ready by June.

“One of the really neat things about CAB is that they are the ones who brainstorm all of the possible events in May. There are probably three thousand event ideas that could be done, and then they vote on which ideas to do. Then we schedule them and start organizing and planning them,” said Sieben.

Deadlines for applying to CAB have come to an end this year, and new applicants started in March.

“All of our new applicants started at the beginning of March. They don’t have a ton of hours in March and April as they’re shadowing previous students and getting a handle on things so they can take over in May,” said Sieben.

Although everything is online, Sieben said application numbers this year were low.

“It surprised me cause I thought with the state of the economy that we’d have an incredibly high amount of people applying. And we found it was the opposite. We struggled. We got less than half of what we usually get,” said Sieben.

Sieben believes low application rates could be due to online burnout.

“We did the best we could. We used new avenues to get the word out, and our numbers were still lower. Maybe it’s just not as fun as it used to be, and people don’t want to plan virtual events. I know students feel online overload,” said Sieben.

To get involved in events or to learn more, check here.

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