Bong Rips N’ Bakin’ Chicken: Local EDM Musician Gains Traction With Unique Samples

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Arts & Life

RAMM-E is an up and coming electronic dance music (EDM) artist. He started making music in his bedroom thinking nothing would come of it and now he has thousands of plays on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Ian Reich, a previous NAIT graduate from the Instrumentation Engineering Technology program, is the brains behind RAMM-E. RAMM-E is a nickname Reich got that just seems to have stuck.

“RAMM-E is just when you’re a little bit too aggressive with things [and] just beat [stuff up] a little bit too much. So I’ve kind of picked up that as a nickname and just use that for my alias with music,” said Reich.

His latest single, Error, was released through Spotify on October 1st. This song is a bass heavy, head bopping, electro-beat that has ‘get your head-banging beat drops’. 

Reich started making music after graduating and having a ton of new free time he wasn’t sure what to do with. He went to a music festival and found his inspiration there.

“I started looking at some of the artists [at the festival] and found out that one of them didn’t really have any background with it either. And so I thought to myself, ‘well this random person can do it. Why can’t I?’” said Reich.

He has used many everyday sounds in his songs, from bong rips to animal noises to even a chicken cooking in the oven. He says he doesn’t try to drive any specific emotions with his songs, but does use his music as an outlet for his own emotions. 

“I use it more as an outlet for my emotions. Those songs don’t usually end up being anything. It’s just sitting down and writing stuff until you get the feeling out,” said Reich.

RAMM-E hasn’t officially collaborated with any other artists but he did receive some mentoring from a fellow music producer.

“Part of my learning process is I got help and mentorship from an artist named Kotek. He’s a Canadian artist based out of Ontario. He taught me a lot of what I know.”

Reich has been making music since 2017 after downloading a free version of a music producing software, called Ableton. Later that year, he upgraded to the full version of the program when he wanted to become more serious about music production. He made music for three years before releasing any music with the intention of people hearing it.

Reich chose to create EDM music because he felt it was more accessible as a creator.

“I think it’s just more accessible, like anybody with a decent computer can download [a software] and start working. Even GarageBand, it’s really accessible to a lot of people to start. And I was more drawn towards EDM rather than more traditional music,” said Reich.

His most played song is Gravity, with almost 3000 plays on SoundCloud after its release in July 2021.

RAMM-E is constantly working on new music and hopes to be releasing more. In the meantime, check him out on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud or Instagram.

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