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By Paige Gordon

If you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with fashion and beauty spending hours with your nose pressed to the screen of your laptop, obsessively watching your favourite bloggers share their secrets. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to know who to trust. To honour those who feed my addiction, I have rounded up my top three faves.

Jeffree Star beauty blogger INSTAGRAM


1. Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) is easily the most controversial, infamous, and successful figure in the makeup world. Jeffree found himself at a young age taking fashion magazines and stealing his mom’s eyeshadow to copy the looks he saw. He spent his early career working at makeup counters and did lots of freelance work until he decided to invest his own money in his first-ever lip gloss and from there, he expanded to highlighters, eye shadow pallets and everything in between. Accompanied by his uber-successful makeup line he also has a massive following on social media, particularly Instagram and YouTube. His videos range from makeovers, to reviewing products, to demonstrating how to use his products. His videos are guaranteed to teach you something new and make you laugh.

Laura Beauty blogger instagram


2. If you’re familiar with the fashion blogging world you know that many of the most prominent fashion bloggers are from the U.K. One of the top ones has to be Sarah Ashcroft @sarahhashcroft). Ashcroft started her career fairly simply by posting photos on Instagram of her outfits. She started to gain a large Instagram following and popular clothing lines such as PrettyLittleThing, OH POLLY, and Misguided took notice and have signed her on as a social media ambassador. Ashcroft’s posts show the urban fashion style that is very prominent in the UK fashion scene, sporting looks that go from glam, to sporty to casual chic. Ashcroft covers a different look for every kind of girl. Ashcroft also has a website and a YouTube channel.

Her channel covers different outfit ideas for different seasons, vlogs from fashion and makeup events she has attended and makeup tutorials. She has her website called That Pommie Girl, where she not only posts more in-depth outfit details, she also has a weekly wishlist of clothing items from brands she promotes.

Katy LusterLux Instagram


3. We’ve talked about the makeup guru and the fashion guru, how about the one who does it all? Katy aka LusterLux is an Instagram and YouTube beauty blogger with a huge following. She started her career with posting a review on the NYX Turn the Other Cheek palette. Since then, she has continued to post makeup tutorials, tips and tricks to accomplish flawless makeup and hairstyles. Over the years she has stuck true to her first initial video and still even does product reviews. Hourglass cosmetics is an advocate for protecting animal rights and, an animal lover herself, Katy partnered up with them on their Eye to Eye campaign. The campaign is where you would post a photo with you and your pet with the hashtag #hg_eyetoeye.

Hourglass donates $1 to the nonhuman rights project for every post that includes the hashtag.

Now that you know three more experts in the beauty world, next time you’re looking for inspiration for your next night out on the town you’ll know who to turn to for makeup and outfit inspiration.

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