Best nap spots on campus

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Arts & Life

Did you know that taking small breaks throughout the day, like napping, is essential for balancing mental health? A 2016 study found cognitive benefits from brief naps of 30 to 90 minutes, suggesting that people may wake up more alert and attentive after these intervals.

Fortunately, our campus is large and has corners that can be used for a helpful nap between classes and assignments. From the CAT building to V, the last building on campus, there is always a spot for you to relax. Choose your favourite and fall asleep.

1. CAT Building, 2nd floor
When you have time, allow yourself to walk a little around the CAT building. At some point, you’ll find these two big wooden benches on the second floor, waiting for you and your buddy to nap. With huge windows all around, you’ll fall asleep with a view.

2. CAT building, ground floor 

You can find these discreet benches by entering the western entrance of the CAT building. With few things around, you will find some privacy to nap in.

3. HP Centre, 2nd floor

Walk through the W building; you’ll find these couches with small tables on the second floor. The sofas are cozy enough to take a nap, as the hallways are not very busy.

4. Shaw Theatre 

 These benches are located outside the theatre in front of large windows. When the venue is not in use, there are usually not many people there.

5. V building, 2nd floor

In the hall in front of NR92 recording booth, you can find some couches. The warmth of the natural light from the windows is sure to make for a cozy nap spot.

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