Beauty Bits: Fall Fashion Styles

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By Christopher Harold

It’s fall and that means earthy tones and warmer clothes. If you’re staying home it might be easier to throw on a pair of sweats and call it a day. Especially if most or all of your classes are virtual, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfy and professional. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered from head to toe.

1. JP Morgan, Chase Me

This look is for those men and women hitting the pavement in their wingtips and heels, most likely looking to get their foot in the door.

For men, start with a solid colour for the top layer and follow with a matching pair of dress pants. A tie, in a Double-Windsor knot (not too flashy) and nay are accessories involved unless preferred. A white collared, long sleeve dress shirt is mandatory for a clean and seamless first impression.

woman wearing dress cardigan and belt

Photo via Unsplash

For women, low cut heels are practical to maintain comfort and still appear organized. Sleeveless dresses have made their way into mainstream business culture as of recent and what better time than the present to express yourself? Pair with a solid colour cardigan and small belt to be ready for whatever the fall weather brings.

2. Fueled by Coffee

For men and women alike the key to a good strung-out appearance is oversized tops, and slim bottoms to give the impression you haven’t been eating or sleeping – just studying.

For men, an upsized team branded crew neck sweater goes well with a slim pair of denim from H&M and canvas shoes like Converse, Chuck Taylors or Vans Authentics.

Man leans against wall wearing white oversized hoodie, jeans and converse shoes

Photo via Unsplash

For women, a very loose long cardigan as a top layered with the Ardene’s Ultra Cotton tank will put together any outfit. Pair it with some solid coloured leggings and boots or canvas shoes.

3. The Cute Couple

It’s already almost four weeks into your studies and you’ve already met ‘the one.’ Be careful, because the wrong outfit could land you in the pet shed with your significant other’s peers or family members.

This outfit is meant to be cozy, down to earth, and welcoming. For men, start off with a plaid flannel. Follow up with a standard fitting pair of denim and canvas shoes.

Woman stands wearing sweater and jeans

Photo by @serenadeschner on Instagram

For women, a knit sweater, high waisted denim, and flats should keep you looking classy and well paired with your bohemian better half.

4. The Coach

“The Coach” simulates the appearance of sports, casual and performance. Best for those cold days where all you want to do is to be dressed head to toe in one warm fabric.

Man kneels wearing grey hoodie, grey toque and grey sweatpants

Photo via Unsplash

For men, start with a heather grey hooded sweater, solid coloured slim sweats or performance pants, and end with a pair of Nike running shoes.

For women, steal your boyfriend’s oversized sports hoodie and your favourite pair of Lulus. Slip into a pair of performance running shoes from Nike or Adidas and you’re set for a day on the track.

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