Beauty Bits: Back To Virtual School On A Budget

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Arts & Life, Entertainment, Featured, Uncategorized

By Caroline Smith

Back to school has always been an excuse to spend money on all the cute items you’ve been eyeing at the mall. Unfortunately this year… things aren’t quite the same.

Is there a point in buying those front pleated trousers from Aritzia when no one is going to see them in that little square on their computer screen?

Fortunately, classes moving online doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for the shopaholics out there still wanting to buy outside the realm of binders and pens for the school year. You can even order everything right to your door.

Here are seven items you’ll need to stay on your beauty A-game this fall on a budget.

Blue Light Glasses

To start off, staring at a screen for hours a day can be harmful for your eyes and can
cause headaches, which I’m sure most of us have experienced from the countless hours of Tik Toks we’ve all watched over the last couple of months. Blue light glasses can be a great way to combat these issues, not to mention they come in an array of colours and designs to suit any fashion mood. Many styles cost as little as $15.

Mini Garment Steamer

A mini garment steamer is a game changer when it comes to wrinkles. All those cute tops left folded in your drawer for the past six months are going to need a little TLC. If you are a ‘camera on’ type of person, then keeping your shirts nice and crisp will be no problem with a garment steamer. Most of them only take minutes to heat up, no ironing board needed and come at a price point between $20 to $50 dollars.

Oil-Absorbing Face Roller

The Revlon oil-absorbing face roller, period. If you know, you know. But if you don’t,
computer lighting and any oil on your face do not mix. This little puppy is a reusable and effective way to matte even some of the most troublesome T-zones. It’ll leave you camera ready even if you didn’t wash your face.

Hair Accessories

Getting your hair done for the new school year is fair game. Even if it’s an at-home
job, a great way to make it pop in an obvious way is clips. Big chunky clips, butterfly clips, clips with words. Huge clips are all the rage and can elevate any hair style or be a cute way to keep your hair out of your face, for as little as $13 dollars for a 20 piece set.

Silk Face Mask

The first step to not having bags under your eyes is falling asleep at night. When
school gets stressful, using a sleeping mask could be the key to keeping you from lying awake at night, just staring at the ceiling. Might as well make it silk, because not only do you deserve it, but silk does not retain oils therefore will not cause acne and it’s only about $15.

Scrunchie With A Pouch

Losing your lip balm, bobby pins or any other small items can be a pain
and distracting from your classes. Having a scrunchie with a hidden zipper can keep you more organized or keep your hair out of your face. You really can’t lose with this one when a pack of three is only $11.

Nail Polish Ring

When you have about 15 minutes in between classes and no classes to run to. Painting your nails might become a new vice and using a nailpolish ring is the only way to paint your nails on your bed, couch and anywhere in between. Securing it on your finger will keep you from spilling and having to go through those weird wrist angles when you’re holding the bottle and trying to paint at the same time. Nail polish rings are a bit pricier at $15 dollars for two, but a good investment to avoid spilling nail poilsh on your laptop.

Next time you’re itching to spend money, need a new motivation to get ready in the morning, or want to maintain your appearance without making your credit card cry, scroll through Amazon’s beauty section. You’ll find something to raise your game for your next virtual class.

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