Bald Beauty: I Shaved My Head

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Arts & Life, Uncategorized

By Karlie Mickanuik

I recently shaved my head.

After removing the dead keratin cells from my scalp that the world has deemed makes me pretty, I realized I look great with a shaved head. I thought I would look badass, edgy and cool but I didn’t think I would look pretty or beautiful. But I do.

My hair is something that has always defined me and made me stand out. I’ve always had it coloured unnatural colours and styled to bring attention to myself. Now with no hair, I’ve noticed I get more looks than ever.

I love my shaved head but I do miss styling my hair and having more freedom to change my appearance. I’ve gathered a few tips and accessories that I have enjoyed wearing out for any of my fellow bald queens.

Photo by Erica Cawagas

Bald and Beautiful

Just go out with your head as is. Be proud of your lack of hair and take in all the stares. They might not be of positive thought but take them in as positive. Life is short. Why not shave your head once just to say you did it?

Woman wearing pink and blue bandana faces camera

Photo by Erica Cawagas


I love to wear bandanas. There are different ways you can style them, different colours and, sometimes it’s just what you need to complete the outfit. Scalps are also very sensitive so on a warmer day it’s nice to have some sun protection. I also find my head gets colder now without my hair so a bandana can be a nice little blanket for your head.

Woman wearing pink and blue bandana faces camera

Photo by Erica Cawagas


I recommend this look more for a photoshoot than wearing out. I find headbands can be a little uncomfortable after a while and give me a headache. The one I’m wearing in the photo also has a black band at the back which isn’t very attractive. Regardless of that these fancy headbands do look great and give off a god/goddess vibe.

Woman wearing hat faces camera

Photo by Erica Cawagas

Unique Hats

Before I shaved my head I had pink hair and quite a few unique looking hats. No matter what I wore or what I did with my hair I never seemed to be able to pull off these caps. There was always just too much going on with my head/face area. Now I feel like I actually can.

Bald woman stand with hand on hip smiling

Photo by Erica Cawagas

Temporary dye

If you’ve got some hair growth and lighter hair you can easily dye your hair. Just grab some eyeshadow you don’t mind using and put it on your hair. The next time you shower it will just wash out. This is a nice non-committal way to test out hair colours.

Wear whatever you want, do whatever you want with your hair, accessorize however you see fit. No one can tell you how you should look and as long as you feel great no one’s opinion should matter.

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