At Home Valentine Date Ideas

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By Kallandra Weatherbee

With COVID-19 restrictions still in place for Valentine’s Day 2021 and most people stuck at home, Valentine’s Day may look a bit different this year. Here are some easy date ideas to do this year at home.

Heart shaped pizza

Photo via Kitchen Treaty

Make dinner together.
Cook your favourite meal together. There’s plenty of options for two to choose from, like this heart-shaped pizza or this hearty shrimp and gnocchi dish.

Have a fondue night.
Fondue night is super easy and romantic. Do chocolate fondue with fruits and dessert or make it a whole meal and have cheese fondue with fresh produce and bread.

massage spa night valentines couple

Photo via Unsplash

Have a spa date.
Try a DIY at-home spa date for two. Pamper each other and leave the date completely relaxed and in a peaceful state of mind.

Send virtual valentines.
What better way to profess love other than the (virtual) written word. Design your own card to send to a partner. A perfect gift for couples who are old souls.

Learn a dance.
This Valentine’s Day, grab some dancing shoes and have a dance class in your own home. There are free videos on YouTube or live virtual classes.

Vatican Museum

Photo via Mental Floss

Visit a museum virtually.
For historian couples, enjoy these museums from around the world that offer free virtual tours from the comfort of home.

Take an online cooking class.
If you want to improve some skills in the kitchen, then online classes are a great way to do so. Sign up for a live session for one-on-one learning or find a pre-recorded class.

Ice skating at Victoria Park

Victoria Park Ice Rink | Photo by Shawna Bannerman

Go ice skating.
Strap on some ice skates and head out for a classic winter night date. Even someone who isn’t a great ice skater will have a good time. Check out these outdoor ice rinks in Edmonton.

Stream a virtual concert.
Concerts might not be in person but there are still lots of places to check out new music and artists through virtual concerts.

Have a movie marathon.
There are endless movies out there to stream with your partner on Valentine’s Day. Try classic romance movies or fun rom-coms.

Hiking in the river valley in edmonton

Photo by Shawna Bannerman

Take a hike.
Even if it’s cold out, taking a scenic hike is a great way to unplug and unwind on Valentine’s Day. Check out the best hiking trails in Edmonton or go to a favourite spot.

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