Ask the Editors: Setting yourself up for success

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The first week of classes is always one of the most exciting parts of the school year – it’s a new start!

For our first issue of the year, our editors are sharing their advice for setting yourself up for success throughout the term.

Danielle Fuechtmann, Editor-in-Chief

The first few weeks of school are fresh and exciting, which makes them the perfect chance to establish new habits. One thing that I found key to success in school (and in my work generally) is to figure out what your work style is and find a way to use it to your advantage.

If you tend to put things off until the deadline, consider building a set of personal deadlines – especially for large projects! Break down the tasks necessary to complete your tasks and fit them into a timeline accordingly. Keeping yourself accountable to small chunks makes completing tasks significantly easier. Also, give yourself time for review before sub-mission, whether it’s running your assignment through spell-check or fixing any bugs in your code, this makes a huge difference!

Finally, I challenge you to consistently do your best work. While you may feel like you’re in school as a means to an end – that coveted job after graduation – keep in mind that the work you do here is a reflection of you. Whether it’s making yourself a desirable team member for group projects or getting a recommendation from an instructor, producing high calibre work will make a difference.

Brendan Chalifour, Entertainment Editor

Before each school term begins, I like to prepare ahead so that I am ready to get to work come the first week of classes.

First, make sure you know where to go! There’s nothing worse than show-ing up on the first day, and having no idea where any of your classrooms are. Visit NAIT a week before classes start with your schedule in hand and scope the place out!

I also like to create a folder for each of my classes (digital or physical). Then, when the onset of syllabi, outlines and assignment sheets come my way, I have somewhere to file them and reference them with ease.

Nicolas Brown, Issues Editor

A simple phrase to live by – build your schedule. Face it, you will procrastinate and you will fall behind. It’s bound to happen unless you are the god(dess) of the Type A’s – because even Type A’s fall behind. The key is to mitigate this as much as possible by planning ahead.

First take a look at your personal sched-ule as it’s impacted by your class schedule. Do you have breaks between your classes? If you take transit, are you planning to arrive early to campus and leave by a certain time? Strategize how you will spend your time on campus and between classes and you’ll have greater control over your time.

One thing that’s critical to remember though, is that no student is an island. Get involved on campus, it is the easiest thing you can do and opens the door to the greatest network at NAIT. Need help with an assignment, want to strategize for a project, or want the inside scoop on another soft-ware option for that design project? Your best resource is your fellow students (out-side of your instructor, of course!). Getting involved can help you prepare for anything your program can throw at you and can give you valuable skills for after you graduate as well.

Connor O’Donovan, Sports Editor

Step out of your comfort zone. How does the adage go? Give it the old college try? College is a time for new experiences, socially and academically. Think about something that makes you a little nervous. Maybe it’s introducing yourself to your instructor or a classmate. Maybe it’s sit-ting in the front row on the first day and piping up with an answer to an early question. Blazing new trails will help you find and build successful habits and set yourself apart from the masses.

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