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by | Feb 8, 2019 | Arts & Life, Uncategorized

By Elijah O’Donnell


It’s that season again, the season of love. It’s the season of Tinder swiping, and looking for a last-minute Valentine. You’ve got the chill, but what’s on Netflix?

Taste is just the app for you. Simply put, it’s Tinder for movies. Here’s how it works. You’re shown a movie. You can rate it excellent, meh, awful or amazing and Taste will record your response. It will then start to build a profile on your movie watching habits and will recommend you movies or TV shows that others with similar tastes love!

With a massive selection of titles, taste can and will match you up with that particular film you didn’t even know you were looking for. With an enormous list of genres, from action/adventure to arthouse, romance to horror, it’s all out on the table.

There is a premium option for those willing to pay $1.99 a month, which unlocks some extra features, such as being able to sort by streaming services like Netflix or Amazon prime, and gaining some more advanced filters.

That being said, the premium option is definitely not needed to enjoy the full functionality of Taste. One of the best features is the fact that their catalogue is being continuously updated. Whenever a new movie or television series is released, you can expect to see it on your taste queue, waiting to be rated. With such an up to date list of media, you’ll always find something to watch, both new and old.

With Valentine’s day on the horizon, you need a movie for date night or something to drown out the loneliness. Taste is perfect for both. Find the ideal rom-com on Netflix while that popcorn is popping. Or, get ahold of the perfect comfort show, tailored just for you!


Photo provided by Ruslan Galba

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