All the hard questions

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If you passed through the South Lobby during lunch this week you may have noticed a gaggle of yellow clad NR92 radio students, asking all the tough questions, like would you rather have forks for legs or spoons for hands or would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? Hard questions, indeed.

The NR92 “Would You Rather” team is made up of six second semester radio students – Courtney Bell, Emilee Senchyna, Sam Vaughan, Jesse Kempenaar, Katherine Svenkeson and Austin Litwinowich.

The reasons they were there other than having a good ol’ time was to launch the official NR92 radio Snapchat. It’s an ambitious task but the response has been phenomenally positive with very few pictures of wieners being sent to the NR92 Snapchat, which the team said they were expecting. If you don’t already know what Snapchat is, it’s a picture and video app that’s been taking young people’s phones by storm. The app was brought into the spotlight by young adults setting time restraints on how long personal content could be viewed, which led to many users using it for sending pictures of their junk. That has since somewhat changed and the app has become a prevalent form of communication between young adults.

The motivation behind creating the Snapchat was simple – to interact with NAIT students and make them feel connected with their campus radio station. NR92 started broadcasting in 1973 and has been a pillar of NAIT ever since. It broadcasts live from the V-Wing, South Lobby, and the NAIT Bookstore. Every semester a new batch of eager radio students hit the airwaves and get to show off their entertaining personalities in preparation for a rewarding career in the radio industry.

Other than stumping the students of NAIT with those incredibly difficult “Would You Rather” questions, the crew also teamed up with NAIT Food Services and gave away some tasty Popsicles and ice cream treats. You are still able to add NR92 on Snapchat by adding the username NR92radio or scanning the QR codes on posters around NAIT campus. You can check out all the happenings of NR92, from getting to know the jocks to getting a sneak peak behind the scenes of an actual radio station.

You can listen to all your favourite personalities and listen to the future voices of radio on They have a large variety of shows playing seven days a week! NR92 is your campus station. Show your school spirit and support your fellow NAIT students.

The week has been a great success, for not only the NR92 “Would You Rather” team but for the station as well. They would like to thank everyone who participated and answered all the weird, hard hitting “Would You Rather” questions. This has been an amazing learning experience for them and they hope to see your snaps soon! Add them, right now, NR92radio. It’s the station for the students, by the students.

By Courtney Bell

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