Advancements Of VR, What We Can Expect For The Future

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Entertainment

Since the first release of the oculus rift in 2012, VR has seen some significant improvements with the new release of the valve index. What used to be a sit in your chair and look around experience is now getting ever so closer to a full body experience. So here are are of the advancements of vr starting all the way back

1995 The virtual boy

The virtual boy was the first vr headset developed by Nintendo in an effort to make something new and unique, however, the system flopped due to it being unfinished. It even caused health concerns for some.

2012 Oculus rift

With the failure of the Virtual boy, VR woulndt see much development until 2012 with the release of the Oculus Rift. The Oculus created a headset that felt much more immersive. The video quality improved by a bigger margin as well.

2016 HTC vive

In 2016, Vr took another step forward with the release of the HTC vive which introduced room scale tracking. This allowed people to walk around in a space in their home while having the headset on. They also introduce dedicated vr controllers that allowed the movement of hands in game. Some games even had full body replication to mimic full body tracking.

2019 Valve index

Although there are many other headsets missed. They didn’t have any significant improvements unlike the valve idex. The Indexs headset quality improved even greater causing for much better
Immersion. But one of the biggest improvements was the newly introduced finger tracking. The ability to grab things using your fingers made it much more easy to immerse yourself with in the virtual world.

Possibilities in the near future

Leg tracking is something we could see in the near future. There have already been some introductions of this through VR dedicated treadmills to help you walk in game. However these are quite large and hard to maintain for a normal home owner. Here’s hoping that leg tracking will be an official release sometime in the future.

Possibilities farther in the future.

These are the things in VR that we hope will one day see the light of day. However these are all going to take a lot longer to be released.

Full body tracking.

In the sense of it tracking every part of your body from head to toe. Full body tracking would make it much easier to move around the virtual world.


This is something that would take a lot of time but would probably be one of the final huge improvements in VR. The ability to touch and feel would fully immerse you in the world. Not to mention feeling impact in the virtual world. Adding impact will make things more intense and make you feel less invinceable in the VR world.

VR is something that won’t just impact the entertainment industry, it is something that will impact things like, education, jobs, and even communication. VR is still kinda in an experimenting stage, But one day could possibly be just as available as home computers.

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