A Safe Space For All Pigments

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By Chi Bashangi

Megan Vernon is proud to be a Jamaican-born skin specialist as well as the founder of The Melanin Studio Ltd.

“I’m a woman of colour. I understand that we as black people all over the world coined the word melanin to glorify the melanin in our skin,” said Vernon when asked about the inspiration behind her company’s name.

“The word melanin reminds us to have pride in our skin tone, which historically was not something to be glorified,” said Vernon.

The Melanin Studio Ltd. recently opened its doors in Edmonton and is recognized as a safe space for people with varying levels of melanin and their skin and body care needs.

One of their popular treatments is the Melanin Glow Facial which is a facial specifically formulated based on your individual skincare needs, combining up to three treatments selected by a Certified Medical Esthetician.

The Melanin Studio Ltd. is also one of the few spas in Edmonton to offer the vagacial, a vaginal facial that prepares the bikini line for summertime.

Vernon recognizes that as a student, regular facials aren’t always in the budget and recommends trying to come for at least one deep clean or facial a year. She highlights the importance of students having their skin looked at professionally to start a healthy skincare routine.

“Edmonton is really dry, so your skin needs all the moisture and protection it can get,” Vernon said.

For those who are tight on money, Vernon suggests moisturizing and using sunscreen every day, even when staying indoors.

The Melanin Studio Ltd core values include self-love, integrity, honesty and a commitment to customers’ experience. They encourage everyone to have realistic expectations for their skincare goals and love themselves during the process. Within the next year, they will be expanding and offering more treatments to suit their clients’ needs. This includes exclusive, once-a-month eyebrow services from out of town specialists.

In addition to being a passionate powerhouse of a businesswoman, Vernon is also an autodidact, which means that on top of her educational background, she loves learning new things.

“I always try to continue doing more research and teach myself from my perspective”. Studying newly gained skills on her own terms is what supports her growth in her craft.

Everyone has melanin in their skin. Finding the right skincare routine for those with darker skin can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. The Melanin Studio Ltd answers the call for a trusted skincare spa for people with varying levels of pigment in their skin.

“I haven’t seen anywhere here that caters to people that look like me,” said Vernon. She cites this as why she continues to offer access to these amazing and necessary treatments.
No matter what colour in the rainbow, The Melanin Studio Ltd will help you glow.

You can find The Melanin Studio Ltd. on Instagram @the.melanin.studio, Facebook at The Melanin Studio and on their website at www.themelaninstudio.com.

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